The origins

The Lunardi family

Dianella farm 1, has been managed by the Lunardi family that cultivates and produces products based on passion, combining tradition and innovation. In 1966, Egidio Lunardi, at the age of 60, decided to get involved, getting into debt to buy the estate. Egidio dedicated body and soul to the Estateby investing in viticulture and creating a very large sales network, with the aim of giving life to a company focused on genuine and quality production. In '97 his grandchildren took over: Francis And Leonardo Lunardi, which have brought the company up to the present day.

Their strong point was to keep the passion for the land, investing in the vineyards and in the restructuring of the plants. To date, Francesco is responsible for production, while Leonardo is responsible for sales. Dianella farm 1 it extends over a total of 40 hectares, of which 25 dedicated to viticulture and 5 to the cultivation of olive trees.


The guides

[.. the wines tasted this year were wonderful. Honor to the producers, who have cultivated the grapes with the utmost care and selective rigour…]
Luca Maroni
from "Yearbook of the best Italian wines 2023"

Dianella farm 1 cultivates and produces real and high quality products. Over the years there have been various awards that have gratified the company, attributing importance to it on the national territory.


Our production

Francesco and Leonardo's goal is to making wines that are an expression of family identity, protecting the perfumes and aromas of the Tuscany. The Company pays close attention to nature, employing low environmental impact products and even the cellar is designed to safeguard integrity and the quality of thegrape. The wine produced by Dianella farm 1 it has always presented itself as a ready-to-drink wine; with the arrival of the new generations, production has evolved towards more refined and innovative blends and production techniques. For some years now it has also decided to invest in the production of quality oil, involving instant harvesting and pressing, and in the production of craft beer, which contains all the variations of yeast, ripe fruit and sweet spices.



The territory

Between the hills Tuscans from Vinci, hometown of Genius Leonardo, arises Dianella farm 1, located in an agricultural reality privileged by fertile soil and excellent climatic conditions, excellent for the production of wine and oil. The denomination Dianella has ancient origins: in the past it was frequented by the majestic Medici family during their hunting trips, an activity represented by Goddess Diana.