The Cypresses of Fattoria Dianella 1

They have become a landscape icon in the heart of Tuscany. These trees, planted along the historic "Cypress Road", passing from Vinci to Empoli, are visible from every corner of the surrounding area.

The story of these cypresses begins in 1906, when a modest cottage was built on top of the hill. This shelter, originally used by farmers and hunters, remained untouched for many years. Later in the 70s, after acquiring the estate, Egidio Lunardi had a bold idea: to plant 21 cypresses (and a majestic holm oak) around the hut, following a perfect circle. This strategic place, visible from nearby Cerreto, Vinci and Vitolini, thus became a very important panoramic point.

At the time of their planting, the cypresses were still young and weak, measuring only one and a half meters in height. To ensure their vigorous growth over the years, Egidio and his workers re-piled them every time the north wind blew, very common in that area.

Since 1966, this hill and its cypresses have been part of the Fattoria Dianella 1 estate. The company takes care of these extraordinary trees and organizes events and exhibitions to enhance this fascinating panoramic point. Visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view and breathe the mystical atmosphere that surrounds the cypress trees.

In fact, cypresses have an esoteric meaning in our culture, having always been associated with the cult of the dead. Since ancient times, they have been considered symbols of eternal life. Their slender shape is seen as a link between heaven and earth, between earthly life and the afterlife. The cypresses of Vinci exude an aura of mystery and depth, adding a unique charm to the surrounding landscape.

Visit Fattoria Dianella 1 to discover and admire these cypresses which represent a link between the history, nature and soul of the municipality of Vinci.

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