The amber squatter 5,00 9,00

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 3% vol. REFERENCE STYLE: Double malt Belgian Ale COLOR: Amber, golden with orange reflections NOSE: Hints of peach, apricot, hint of pepper TASTE: Fruity with…

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The blonde squatter 5,00 9,00

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 5% vol. REFERENCE STYLE: Blanche Wheat Beer COLOUR: Straw yellow with delicate haze NOSE: Hints of yeast, wheat, citrus and spicy notes TASTE:…

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The red squatter 5,00 9,00

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 7% vol. REFERENCE STYLE: Red with Jasmine Flowers / Belgian Style Double Malt COLOUR: Deep red with creamy head NOSE: Spicy and jasmine scents TASTE: Flavor…

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