The rootsI am the future

Immersed in the idyllic reality of Vinci, on the slopes of Montalbano, we find Fattoria Dianella 1, a reality that in the past was frequented by the ancient Medici family, who used it for their hunting trips.
Fattoria Dianella 1 has been managed by the Lunardi family for over four generations, who passionately cultivate and produce real, genuine and high quality products.
The Lunardi family in the early 1900s, with Attilio, a small landowner and wine producer, entered the world of viticulture. In 1966, Egidio Lunardi, at the age of 60, with a daring entrepreneurial spirit decided to get involved, going into debt to buy the estate, looking with farsightedness to a future that would be full of satisfactions.

Egidio was succeeded in 1997 by his nephews: Francesco and Leonardo Lunardi, who managed to pass on and keep alive the passion for the land that distinguishes their family. Their strong point was to invest in the vineyards, with dedication and a lot of effort they have in fact renovated the plants after thirty years, taking care of them down to the smallest detail, to obtain maximum productivity and quality, because a quality wine is made from its roots. To date, Francesco Lunardi is responsible for production, while Leonardo is responsible for sales.

The wine produced by Fattoria Dianella 1 has always wanted to be a ready-to-drink wine, a meal wine that accompanies its customers day after day, becoming part of their daily lives, because in the end wine is born as food and should remain so.
With the arrival of the new generations, production has also evolved into more sought-after tasting wines, obtained from more refined blends and production techniques; always respecting the family tradition, but looking to the future with innovation.

Fattoria Dianella 1 for five years has decided to invest in the production of quality oil, managing to obtain today a product of the highest level, which best expresses their commitment to a genuine and quality production. Through a study aimed at achieving superior quality, three fundamental guidelines emerged which are used today: instantaneous harvesting and pressing, pressing with innovative techniques, conservation and maintenance in stainless steel tanks. Today Fattoria Dianella 1 covers a total of 40 hectares, of which 25 dedicated to viticulture and 5 to the cultivation of olive trees.

Fattoria Dianella 1 is the mirror of who we are: in fact, the company and the terroir express the personality of those who take care of it and those who respect it, managing it year after year with dedication and love.